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I lust after this release each year. Not only is the wine tremendous (going on 3 successive vintages), but it also showcases our local terroir for what it is- world class sparkling country (Did you know that Champagne, France is at the same latitude North that we are? Yup, both 49 N and similar climate.) A blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir done in the traditional method as done in Champagne France, this wine offers notes of apple strawberry toast with a slightly creamy texture. Billions and billions of bubbles dance on the palate as if no one is watching. I have a case reserved & you should too. Pair with salads, fresh fruit, grilled veggies, oysters, seafood, shellfish and curries. Great at New Year's celebration, Christmas dinner, gift giving (corporate and personal), the perfect gift for the cork dork on the list or visiting relatives. 

Bang for the Buck SCORE: 9.2/$1.

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