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A great Rose inspires. It inspires art, romance and best of all, slowing down and sharing the best of moments.

Over the years the critics have predicted the meteoric rise in popularity of Rose but as of yet it has not happened. However those that have experienced the wonder of a great rose always, yes always, come back for more.

This BC Rose is relatively dark for a Rose and that tells you there is some serious depth going on and its true. 

Winemaker Kathy Malone (get her to sing a few bars if you are ever at the winery; great voice and a lot of fun. You can see why the wines have such personality.) has blended Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Gamay Noir and Pinot Noir from vineyards that get really ripe and hence the intensity of colour.

The aromas show black cherry, strawberry and ripe red raspberry with a pinch of fresh cracked black pepper. 

The palate is fresh and clean and awakens you with bursting flavours of strawberry and cherry. 

The finish is clean and fresh and all about fruit and black pepper spice.

This is a crowd pleaser Rose and if you have ever wanted to explore the wonderousness of Rose or just love Rose this is a great one to have as a part of your collection.

PAIR WITH: spinach salads, fresh fruit, goat cheese, dungeness crab, scallops.

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